KFC foster care project

KFC Mauritius has set up a project to promote foster care in Mauritius.

Foster care also known as ‘famille d’accueil’ is regulated by the Child Protection (Foster Care) Regulations 2002, and has been amended in 2005.By promoting foster care program, our aim is to provide a substitute family on a temporary basis pending re-integration of the children in their respective biological families. It is an alternative to the shelters.

It is a mean for KFC to give back to the community by helping the most vulnerable. It is also in line with the international KFC ‘Add Hope Program’.Many Mauritian still don’t know about the foster care program or are afraid to do this step forward.


KFC Foster Care Program

By making a campaign, we not only want to make foster care known, we want to bring the mauritian population around a national cause and to create a drive in people to become foster parents. We want the population to understand that a child’s place is in a family and not in a shelter and this is why the tagline for this campaign will be ‘Chaque enfant a besoin d'une famille’.

In parallel, we have also a CSR project to improve the condition in one shelter: La Colombe, Pointe aux Sables. This will demonstrate our support to shelters because these institutions are the first first place of safety when a children is removed from a risky environment. We want to improve the shelter by providing a warm, child oriented and welcoming atmosphere.

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Our engagement towards the Deaf Community

At KFC we’re all about offering everyone a fair chance, that’s why we launched the Impaired Hearing Employment Initiative in 2011 based on a model launched by KFC Malaysia. We believe that these employees bring real added value to our team and to the company. 

Today KFC Mauritius employs 16 hearing impaired team members in Ebene and Central Flacq with Riche Terre and Grand Baie Super U next in line to welcome more. Our long term goal is to have 2 impaired hearing employees per store.

"I can" video

In order to accommodate our impaired employees we’ve added visual indicators to our cookers, a visual fire alarm system, installed a counter menu board for clients to choose their orders from and trained all of our operational team members in sign language.

We’ve formed a close partnership with the Society for the Welfare of the Deaf, a school for the impaired hearing that teaches them from primary school through to Form 5. Our engagement towards the NGO includes an accompaniment on their projects and the financing of the salaries of certain teachers. We also organise workshops where students are taught skills such as cooking, crafts, hairdressing as well as others.

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The group is destined for greatness with promising cyclists like Adriano Azor and Adrian Catherine in the Junior category, the Lagane brothers in the Cadet Category and Stewart Pharmasse in the Elite Category.

Our engagement in Sports

The aim of the Faucon Flacq KFC Cycling club is to offer young talents with disadvantaged backgrounds a chance to thrive in sports. This has proved to be a success as the club has dominated at all levels this year. With no less than 7 national titles, especially at youth level.

2016 highlights :

The KFC TEAM is the Team Time Trial National Champion.

  • Elite Individual Time Trial National Champion with Gregory R Lagane
  • Junior Individual Time Trial National Champion with Christopher R Lagane
  • Junior National Road Champion with Christopher R Lagane
  • ‘Cadet’ National Road Champion with Adriano Azor
  • ‘Minime’ National Road Champion with Chris Cataperman
  • Under 18 Woman National Road Champion with Ms Luciana Thomas

The Tour of Mauritius 2016 results for the Faucon Flacq KFC Team :

  • 2 stage wins with Guillaume Gaboriaud (A French rider invited by the club)
  • 2nd Overall with Christopher Lagane who is only 17
  • White Jersey for Best Young Rider (U23) with Christopher R Lagane
  • Orange Jersey for Best Regional Rider with Christopher R Lagane
  • 2nd Overall in Team Ranking
The 2016 season launches in full force with a team comprising of:
  • Steward Pharmasse
  • Thierry David
  • Philippe Colin
  • Christopher R.Laganne
  • Dylan Redy
  • Lionel Charlot
  • Jean E.Andre
  • Abyal Maudarbocus
  • Julien Tennant