KFC Mauritius, proudly labelled ‘Made in Moris’

"Born in Kentucky, made in Moris" is a slogan that embodies the very essence of our existence! KFC Mauritius has been deeply rooted in the local landscape since the opening of its very first restaurant in Curepipe, back in December 1983. The brand has indeed been pioneering the fast food industry in Mauritius, hence becoming an important economic player of the country while continuing to promote Mauritian products, skills and know-how.

With this in mind, we wanted to wear the proud seal of “Made in Moris” because our brand fully meets the requirements and values of this 100% Mauritian label. KFC Mauritius uses local products, sourced from small local producers – with the exception of the savoury blend of herbs and spices – and employs a team that is 100% Mauritian. Endorsing this label was an obvious choice for the brand since it upholds and lives out the values of Made in Moris. This label certifies that our products are locally-sourced and confirms our commitment to always provide our customers with the best products and services in terms of quality in all of our 21 restaurants across the country.

Our values are, moreover, totally in line with those of Made in Moris, namely citizenship, responsibility, determination, federative, innovation and sustainability. We relentlessly showcase our commitment to uphold these values in our civic actions, including the elimination of straws and plastic bags in our restaurants.

Made in Moris
  • KFC est une marque Made in Moris!
  • KFC Made in Moris 2
  • KFC est une marque Made in Moris !