Q1Are your chickens well looked after?

We have put in place a procedure in order to avoid wastage of Chicken pieces. Knowing our engagement in food donation and helping people in need, we could not have gone towards food wastage.

Q2Are your ingredients locally produced?

Our spices, mayonnaise and certain of our condiments are supplied by the franchise and imported from South Africa, Malaysia or Singapore. Our chicken, bread and salads are 100% local and carefully selected and approved.

Q3Why don’t you launch all of the KFC products that can be found overseas?

Each market is different and each country has its own specificities. Certain products that work well overseas may not succeed in the Mauritian market and vice versa. We develop our product range independently based on our customers’ tastes whilst sourcing inspiration from international models. 

Q4Do your chicken pieces respect a certain size standard?

All KFC’s around the world need to respect international size standards and weights regulated by our franchisor Yum !. These same standards are applied in Mauritius.

Q5Why did you stop selling Mash & Gravy?

We know, you were big fans! Unfortunately, the product didn’t reach the same success level in Mauritius that it did overseas, so we decided to stop sales to make room for new products.

Q6Why don’t your products look like they do in your adverts?

It’s true, our products are specially styled by professionals for the needs of our adverts. Our photos and videos are carefully worked with special lighting and sophisticated equipment and a lot of time and energy. A product shoot could last up to a whole day! We obviously can’t spend this long preparing each of your favourite KFC meals.

Q7Are the chilli and ketchup sauces free?

Our chilli and ketchup sachets will also be offered free of charge and available upon request for all of our clients.

Q8Are your products Halal certified?

Yes, our products are Halal certified by the Jummah Mosque and the certificates are affixed in all our stores across the island

Q9Why don’t you provide more non-spicy products?

It’s true, many of our recipes are spicy. A KFC without chili? Try The Rounder, The Twister (with tenders), or the KFC Chicken Salad. Otherwise, snack wise why not try the Chicken Nuggets or even the Tenders.

Q10Is your Hot & Spicy recipe really HOT & SPICY?

Oh yes! Those who aren’t used to red chilli should proceed with caution!

Q11How do you ensure your food is properly cooked?

All of our food is cooked for a specified length of time to ensure it is perfectly 'done' and heated through. Once cooked, it can be kept hot for a specified length of time. If the food is not sold before the holding time expires, it is withdrawn from sale. Cooking and holding times vary depending on the menu item. All food temperatures are in accordance with stringent food safety standards.

Q12And your oil?

Our oil is 100% vegetable oil with reduced fatty acids that is Halal certified. The oxidation level is controlled twice a day and the oil is changed regularly once it exceeds regulatory standards. But this isn’t the end of its life cycle; it is then collected by companies that recycle it for energy production.

Q13Does KFC use real chicken pieces?

Of course! We use real, non-processed (except for the StreetWise and Cheeky Burger), freshly prepared chicken. At KFC, there aren’t any factories or transformations, just real chicken.

Q14What’s your secret recipe?

Sure, it’s…
Hah, nice try but sorry no.

Q15How can I find the nutritional information on each product?

It’s easy; just visit the menu section of this site.

Q16How come the chicken is sometimes pink?

Some of our products are marinated. This marinade can give the chicken a pinkish colour.

Q17How do you ensure good quality chips?

Our chips are cooked to order and need to always be hot and crispy. If that’s not the case when you receive your order you may ask for a fresh order.

Q18Are there any options for vegetarians?

Sure, vegetarians can choose between a Veg Burger, a Veg Boxmaster or a Green Salad.


Q19Quels contrôles effectuez-vous dans vos restaurants ?

Nos contrôles sont récurrents :

  • Contrôle des températures (chambres froides, réception des produits, produits cuits, machines Warmers)
  • Contrôle des dates limite de consommations de tous les ingrédients et des produits préparés
  • Contrôle de l’hygiène et du nettoyage (lavage des mains toutes les 30 minutes, poubelles à pédales, Deep Cleaning des machines, Clean as you Go)
  • Contrôle des produits finis grâce à une documentation réunissant l’ensemble des procédures fournies par la franchise et garantissant l’homogénéité des produits finis entre autres
  • Respect des procédures pour la préparation des produits
  • Présence du responsable sur le terrain
Q20Comment vérifiez-vous la propreté de vos restaurants ?

En cuisine, nos employés appliquent la technique du « Clean as you Go » sur toutes les surfaces utilisées. Nous avons un planning de nettoyage en profondeur sur chaque équipement, le restaurant est nettoyé le soir après la fermeture. En salle, les tables sont  nettoyées après le départ de chaque client, le sol est régulièrement essuyé et nettoyé.